Our transportation cases

Shipment of a Mobile Gas Processing Complex from the US


Task: Delivery of a Mobile Gas Processing Complex from the US to Russia.

Solution: The main compressor unit is oversized for transportation, which makes a logistics solution specific. Our experts held a pool of negotiations with US agents and sea lines to develop tie-down schemes, obtain a permit to travel within the territories and select vehicles.

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Customized warehouse management

Novy Urengoy

Task: Arrangement of the indoor and outdoor storage in Novy Urengoy with further transportation of materials and equipment to remote oilfields

Solution: Using various lifting machines, standard size and oversize freight was successfully transferred from the arriving vehicle to the warehouse, including the special outdoor storage space

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Transportation of methanol to oilfields

Irkutsk Region

Task: Arrangement of the transportation of methanol in the Irkutsk region to the oilfields

Solution: It is essential know and comply with the relevant rules and requirements when arranging the transportation of methanol. Therefore, we purchased and subsequently arranged the transportation of methanol in a specialized tank truck

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Transportation of tank containers with gas (LPG)

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

Task: Arrangement of the LPG tank container transportation in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District

Solution: Our specialists not only chose appropriate transport facilities to transport this type of freight competently, but also arranged special training on tank container transportation (pressure tanks the size of standard ISO 20’ containers) for drivers

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Delivery of metal structures and large-diameter pipes


Task: Arrangement of the transportation of materials and equipment (metal structures, large-diameter pipes) from Ust-Kut to remote oilfields: Taas-Yuryakh, Srednebotuobinsk, Chayandinsk and Kovyktinsk gas condensate fields.

Solution: KASTOR employees faced the daunting task of delivery in an area with harsh road and weather conditions.

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Transportation of hazardous block sulfur freight by road and rail

Orenburg Region

Task: Arrangement of comprehensive sulfur transportation by road and rail

Solution: The most difficult part in this case was the hazardous freight, sulfur. It is essential to know all the rules and requirements to be complied with in any case in order to arrange its transportation. That is why we arranged sulfur transportation in a open wagon using a liner.

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