Shipment of a Mobile Gas Processing Complex from the US

Oil and Gas Equipment


Delivery of a Mobile Gas Processing Complex from the US to Russia.


A Mobile Gas Processing Complex is the equipment comprising a technically complete set of technological devices, apparatus, pipelines, fittings and engineering support systems included in units and modules meant to process associated petroleum gas.

Complexes are supplied as separate units transported by several vehicles.

The main compressor unit is oversized for transportation, which makes a logistics solution specific.

Our experts held a pool of negotiations with US agents and sea lines to develop tie-down schemes, obtain a permit to travel within the territories and select vehicles.

When transporting MGPC, KASTOR performed the following works:

  • Obtained permits for oversize freight transportation through Canada and the US
  • Performed crane operations at the port of Houston
  • Fastened the freight aboard the ship
  • Performed sea transportation to the port of St. Petersburg
  • Performed customs clearance
  • Obtained permits for oversize freight transportation in the Russian Federation

Customer benefits:

  • Full range of services (negotiations with the shipper, transportation, customs clearance, obtaining permits and packaging recommendations)
  • 24/7 freight tracking
  • Discussion of the best route as per client’s requests
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