Agent Purchasing Services

KASTOR offers a commercial agency service. This service includes purchasing goods under its own contract directly from manufacturers and then shipping them to Russia.

Such operations require extensive knowledge and experience in transaction procedures, contract performance, quality control and logistics. The best option to protect yourself from risks and financial losses is the willingness to entrust the entire process to professionals who have all the necessary knowledge base.

KASTOR is ready to manage all the stages:

  • Product search and foreign supplier verification
  • Transaction paperwork, obtaining permits for the goods and payment transfer
  • Certification
  • Delivery to Russia
  • Customs clearance, customs duty payment
  • Accompanying paperwork, declarations for purchased goods
  • Delivery to the customer

Our team includes not only experienced specialists, but also our own agents and partners in countries around the world engaged in contracting and quality control. Our customers keep track of the purchasing and delivery process, receive all necessary documents and payment of customs duties.

KASTOR’s commercial agency service advantages

  • The customer is not involved in the foreign trade contract process
  • The customer can purchase unique equipment not unavailable in Russia
  • Our customers can purchase necessary products from a Russian legal entity
  • Pre-agreed cost of purchased goods
  • Minimization of currency exchange
  • No need to interact with customs authorities personally, no customs risks
  • Completely transparent document flow
  • Our employees’ experience will help to do the job as quickly as possible
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