Road Transportation

We have been providing road transportation services for about 10 years. KASTOR has its own fleet of heavy-duty vehicles

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KASTOR’s fleet is the basis of high-quality freight transportation

Our fleet has more than 500 units, including:

  • tank trucks for liquid and gaseous freight
  • flat bed trucks
  • tilt-covered trucks
  • refuellers
  • truck tractors with semi-trailers
  • dump trucks

34 mil. tones
freight shipped

units of in-house equipment

yearly growth of shipping

3 year
average age of fleet vehicles

We use only European vehicles

KASTOR’s Advantages

Our Company ranks among the TOP companies in key customer (Rosneft, Sibur, Schlumberger) safety due to the industry’s lowest accident and injury rate.

Guarantee of freight safety
Hazardous and inflammable freight transportation expertise
International HSE standards
Low accident rate
Own production facilities in hard-to-reach Russian regions

Experience in Hard-to-Reach Regions of Russia

We have own production facilities in such hard-to-reach Russian regions as Western and Eastern Siberia, the Volga Region and the Urals

Types of Freight Transportable by Road

Liquid Hazardous Freight

Gas condensate, oil, petroleum products (gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene), petrochemicals (alcohols, glycols, acids)



Liquefied petroleum gases (propane, butane), hydrogen, argon, helium, nitrogen, ammonia, oxygen


Bulk Freight

Sulfur, saltpeter, carbon black, coal

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