Freight Handling

KASTOR arranges an additional handling service.

This service helps to facilitate the process of handling, reduce staff time and save the customer’s money. KASTOR can provide handling services not only all over Russia, but also elsewhere in the world.

Our team only includes qualified workers having extensive experience with lifting machines. When providing this service, our company is fully responsible for the freight.

KASTOR performs handling even for oversize or heavy items:

  • Industrial equipment
  • Construction vehicles
  • Oversize containers

KASTOR’s handling service includes an on-site visit of an surveyor to analyze the amount of work, choose proper special-purpose vehicles and negotiate the details.

Besides, we take care of all handling stages:

  • Arrival of chosen vehicles to the site
  • Loading by a qualified team of slingers and riggers
  • Securing of freight in the vehicle
  • Unloading at the destination with the help of the team or vehicles
  • Photo report, if requested, and surveyor services
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