Transportation of hazardous block sulfur freight by road and rail

Orenburg Region
Block sulfur


Arrangement of comprehensive sulfur transportation by road and rail


The most difficult part in this case was the hazardous freight, sulfur. It is essential to know all the rules and requirements to be complied with in any case in order to arrange its transportation. That is why we arranged sulfur transportation in a open wagon using a liner.

Our specialists not only chose appropriate transportation means competently, but also equipped the railway car with a special liner. We also independently performed the transshipment of sulfur from a dump truck to railway cars.

As a result, KASTOR fulfilled its delivery obligations when scheduled having carefully prepared the hazardous freight for transportation.

KASTOR took care of all hazardous freight operations:

  • Road transportation
  • Provision of a open wagon
  • Equipping a railway car with a special liner
  • Loading of sulfur in a railway car
  • Railway paperwork and fare payment

When transporting hazardous freight such as sulfur, KASTOR performed the following works:

  • Upgrade of fleet (tractor hydraulification) to work with dump semitrailers
  • Arrangement of sulfur loading at the railroad dead end siding
  • Contract with a railway operator for a open wagon
  • Arrangements with Russian Railways, OJSC, for car provision and railway fare payment

When planning transportation, KASTOR specialists took into account specific features of this freight:

  • Used dump truck transportation
  • Performed careful dump truck to railway car transshipment
  • Prepared a railway car equipped with a special liner
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