Transportation of tank containers with gas (LPG)

Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District
Tank Containers with LPG


Arrangement of the LPG tank container transportation in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District


When solving this task, KASTOR demonstrated its extensive experience and expertise in the transportation of hazardous goods.

Our specialists not only chose appropriate transport facilities to transport this type of freight competently, but also arranged special training on tank container transportation (pressure tanks the size of standard ISO 20’ containers) for drivers

We controlled every stage of transportation and, as a result, the freight was delivered on time and completely intact, despite harsh weather conditions.

KASTOR took care of all hazardous freight operations:

  • Provision of transport with tank containers to be loaded
  • Transportation
  • Loading of tank containers on railway transport at the station
  • Paperwork

When transporting LPG, KASTOR performed the following works:

  • Detailed study of the transportation route
  • Checking axle loads and compliance with road specifications
  • Obtaining special permits
  • Preparation of vehicles (special plates)
  • Defensive and Safe Driving training for drivers in a specialized organization
  • Training drivers to handle tank containers and pressure tanks
  • Introduction of Antisleep measures to prevent accidents at night

When planning transportation across the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, KASTOR specialists took into account:

  • Specific features of LPG transportation, road and weather conditions
  • Year-round transportation, including at night, which requires extra attention of drivers
  • Driving around the site of enterprises in confined spaces, which requires excellent driving skills
  • Driving on poorly maintained roads
  • Need to provide a vehicle in the working area of lifting machines
  • Need to constantly monitor tank containers (leaks)
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