Delivery of metal structures and large-diameter pipes

Metal structures, LDP (large-diameter pipes)


Arrangement of the transportation of materials and equipment (metal structures, large-diameter pipes) from Ust-Kut to remote oilfields: Taas-Yuryakh, Srednebotuobinsk, Chayandinsk and Kovyktinsk gas condensate fields.


KASTOR employees faced the daunting task of delivery in an area with harsh road and weather conditions. The northern part of the Irkutsk region belongs to the Far North. The fields have a remote and hard-to-reach location with difficult road conditions: long climbs and descents and poor conditions of the roadway require off-road vehicles.

The main difficulty was the need to deliver large-sized heavy freight only transportable by special vehicles to such locations.

The well-coordinated work of all team members helped KASTOR to successfully fulfill all obligations to the Customer as scheduled. The freight was transported free of damage and delivered right on the agreed delivery deadlines.

KASTOR took care of all freight operations:

  • Acceptance of freight from the railroad
  • Loading
  • Fastening
  • Transportation

When planning transportation in the Irkutsk region, KASTOR specialists took into account specific features of heavy oversize freight transportation:

  • Possibility to arrange transportation in wintertime only
  • Need for snow chains in the poor road conditions
  • Use of 6×6 vehicles only
  • Heavy weight, so 4-axle heavy-duty trailers (44 tons) were needed
  • No petrol stations en route

When transporting oversize freight such as metal structures and large-diameter pipes, KASTOR performed the following works:

  • Detailed study of the transportation route The emphasis on descents and long climbs
  • Issue of necessary passes and permits
  • Vehicles upgrade: additional fuel tanks installed
  • Fences (bolsters) upgrade: rubberized not to damage the pipe coating
  • Reinforced load fastening with turnbuckles
  • Constant online control of vehicle movement via satellite monitoring
  • Continuous updates on the movement and timing of freight arrival for the customer
  • Defensive and Safe Driving training for drivers in a specialized organization
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