Transportation of methanol to oilfields

Irkutsk Region


Arrangement of the transportation of methanol in the Irkutsk region to the oilfields


The most difficult part in this case was the freight itself, methanol. Methanol is an aggressive and hazardous freight that can easily ignite at relatively low temperatures. That is why its transportation requires maximum precautions.

It is essential know and comply with the relevant rules and requirements when arranging the transportation of methanol. Therefore, we purchased and subsequently arranged the transportation of methanol in a specialized tank truck. A methanol tank truck must be made of metal resistant to exposure to hazardous chemicals and equipped with all necessary elements.

With this approach, KASTOR fulfilled its delivery obligations when scheduled. We took care of hazardous freight handling from the moment the road train arrived to be loaded to the moment the methanol was discharged.

When transporting methanol, KASTOR performed the following works:

  • Purchase of specialized rolling stock to transport methanol
  • Transportation of the substance that is extremely toxic to humans
  • Installation of special signs
  • Provision of tank equipment with locking and sealing devices
  • Methanol handling training for drivers

Customer benefits:

  • Methanol was transported only in the specialized fleet
  • Our team has in-depth expertise in the transportation of hazardous and inflammable goods
  • Vehicle movement data transmitted online
  • Awareness of and strict adherence to the rules of transportation of hazardous goods and the ADR requirements when transporting methanol made it possible to deliver the entire freight to the Customer in a timely and accident-free way
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