Customized warehouse management

Novy Urengoy
Expensive valuable freight


Arrangement of the indoor and outdoor storage in Novy Urengoy with further transportation of materials and equipment to remote oilfields.


KASTOR faced several tasks: The arrangement of the transshipment, storage and further delivery of freight to the oilfields by winter roads during a period characterized by severe weather conditions of the Far North.

The well-coordinated work of all team members helped KASTOR to successfully fulfill all obligations to the customer on time.

Using various lifting machines, standard size and oversize freight was successfully transferred from the arriving vehicle to the warehouse, including the special outdoor storage space. We ensured safe storage, freight loading and fastening and subsequent delivery.

The freight was delivered safely and right on time to the oilfields specified by the customer.

KASTOR took care of all the freight operations:

  • Accepting and unloading freight from vehicles
  • Placing freight in indoor and outdoor storage spaces
  • Fulfilling the customer’s request to select and load materials and equipment on vehicles
  • Secure fastening when shipping materials and equipment from the warehouse
  • Executing all necessary documents
  • Transportation to the oilfields

When arranging a warehouse, KASTOR performed the following works:

  • Preparing the outdoor space (backfill, fencing, CCTV cameras)
  • Arranging round-the-clock guard posts and additional lighting
  • Preparing an indoor warehouse
  • Studying the nomenclature and providing packaging, handling and storage recommendations to the customer
  • Maintaining a database to record the acceptance, storage and shipment of materials and equipment
  • Reinforcing site entrances by laying reinforced concrete slabs

Customer benefits:

  • Constant 24/7/365 access to the freight
  • Guard posts and the CCTV system
  • Delicate handling of the expensive equipment
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